The largest and most powerful student network in the country, Rouge Campus reaches over 90% of all 18-24s in post-secondary institutions. Our network engages 2.5 million students each and every day. Over the last 5 years, Rouge Campus has generated over $5,000,000 in revenue for Canadian schools.


Strategically placed in non-academic and high traffic areas, our Indoor Murals connect your brand with all students on campus, all day long.


Measuring 10 x 7 feet, our premium Indoor Murals are inescapable and deliver massive impact within the campus environment. With unique access into niche areas on campus, our Strategic Decals will get your brand noticed. Escape the clutter of other campus media and make your brand shine.


Building from our trusted partnerships with Canadian University and Colleges, Rouge Experiential has pioneered many strategic and tactical turnkey media innovations and promotional platforms.


Rouge Digital is the only online ad network reaching students through official campus websites. We connect brands with students online, on their time.

Winning Partnership.

Our corporate belief is to deliver a WIN WIN result for both schools and students. We’ve built our network being mindful of positioning, clutter and appropriateness of advertisers. Our network size of over 85 post-secondary institutions across Canada, combined with dedicated sales expertise, generates significant revenue for campuses who are faced with ever increasing operating expenses and upgrades to facilities.

Rouge Campus is proud to support various University
and College associations across Canada.