Lifestyle targeting in the Canadian digital space like no other. Rouge Digital provides a robust suite of offerings, from ad banners to take overs to full integrations. We offer detailed campaign monitoring and flexible optimization solutions within our online ad channels where advertisers can connect with five distinct lifestyle demographics with zero waste.


Reach students 18-24 online, on their time. The first of its kind, our campus channel is comprised of official post-secondary school sites such as campus newspapers, student centres, student associations, as well as Our campus network offers premium content sites engaging students every day, all day.


Our sports channel is an excellent platform to reach the athletic and sports minded crowds while they are catching up on the latest sports news, events and game stats. Our sports network includes high-traffic sports news sites, and the country’s top athletic centre and sports association portals.

Culture & Entertainment.

Connect with socially active 18-34s when they are planning their night out and reliving the good times online. We offer Canada’s leading nightlife portals, as well as culture & entertainment related content sites that are well established and offer the latest on trendy events and happenings in major cities across the country.


Connect with music lovers while they’re downloading music, looking up lyrics, listening to their favourite playlists on their mobile smart phones, reading up on the latest music news, and so on. Our music channel is an aggregate of Tone Media’s 250+ high-traffic music content sites, and leading music streaming platforms including 8tracks and Saavn.

Beauty & Fashion.

Connect with women through beauty, fashion and lifestyle related websites and blogs. Speak to women when they are taking time for themselves and having fun engaging with the latest hot topics and trends in the beauty world.

Winning Partnership.

Our online networks are highly specialized so we deliver relevant advertisers and site partnerships that are aligned with content. We work with publishing partners to structure a competitive, customized compensation package and provide detailed reporting statements.