Rouge Beauty in the Toronto Star

Rouge Media Group’s Beauty network is featured in today’s Toronto Star paper. We couldn’t be more proud of how quickly our Beauty network has expanded in merely a year, and most importantly, how well-received it has been amongst hundreds of beauty venues around the country.  We’re thrilled to give brands the opportunity to speak to women in these venues, especially while they are looking and feeling their best, and thus, in an ideal state of mind.

Read our story here:–rouge-media-targets-female-consumers-in-salons-and-nail-bars

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  • Laura

    November 20th, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    I’m a life long Hamiltonian, it’s an ok place to live, the downtown has bocmee pretty disgusting over the past 20 years but there are some nice areas and the house prices are still much lower than Toronto..I guess it depends what u like, if u like alot of nightlife and a bustling downtown core then Hamilton is not for you, if u like quiet neighbourhoods with minimal nightlife then u might like it .try to stay on the mountain, but there are some good deals on houses in the lower city btw, they have changed alot of the one way streets downtown to 2 way now

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