Rouge Media Group Launches New Music Channel within Digital Network

Rouge Media Group expands their Digital network with the launch of a new channel, targeting Music lovers with its recent acquisition of an aggregate of over 200 music and music content sites. Included in the recent acquisition is the music-streaming frontrunner, Songza, as well as, and, just to name a few.

Rouge’s new music channel focuses on sites that are based on consumer’s music profile, allowing unique psychographic and behavioural targeting digital media opportunities.
“It’s very exciting to see Rouge Digital’s rapid growth and angle in the digital media marketplace, bridging the gap between our existing campus, and culture & entertainment channels,” says Rouge Media Group Digital Manager, Seema Whig. “Music enhances everyone’s lifestyle and daily activities, this portal allows for brands to be a part of that. Brands are always looking for ways to be more relevant with their messaging; this focus and these partnerships give them that opportunity while also providing a wide reach.”

Rouge Media Group’s Digital network provides clients with best-in-class online opportunities reaching the 18-49 demographic online through four highly targeted and unique digital channels: Campus, Culture & Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Beauty.

For 10 years Rouge Media Group has provided best-in-class media and activation opportunities reaching the 18-49 demographic. Rouge is the first media company in North America to have brought large format murals to strategic indoor spaces, where brands can make big statements.

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